Welcome to York Hospital’s Online Art Gallery

The York Hospital Art Committee is pleased to list the 2024 exhibition schedule, featuring the following three artists, whose exhibitions can be seen in the York Hospital Dining Room during open hours (Monday – Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) and in this online gallery 24/7, at your convenience:

  • Matt Gunn (oil paintings, January through April)
  • Sarah Cassani (oil paintings, May through August )
  • Roger Morin (watercolors, September through December)


On View Now: Oil Paintings by Matt Gunn

Matt Gunn, who calls Maine home, worked in the 1990s as an offshore commercial fisherman in the Seacoast area, as well as working a variety of jobs in local maritime trades, including commercial diving, marine construction, and longshoreman/ stevedore services on large cargo ships. Matt received a BS in Forest Science from the University of New Hampshire in 2000, and has also spent many years in landscape design and construction. In addition to creating paintings, he currently works as a landscape mason in Southern Maine and coastal New Hampshire.

Of his painting, Matt states: “I’m currently developing a series of paintings based on my experiences working along Portsmouth’s industrial waterfront. I have always been fascinated by the grittier side of our industrial waterfront where I work in and around enormous machines and ships. I am drawn to the enormous scale, elaborate geometry and the bold colors (chosen for their utility and safety rather than for any aesthetic consideration) of these places. I have always gravitated to the work of painters who have portrayed American workers or the industrial cathedrals in which they work (Stuart Davis, Sheeler) or who simply pay homage to the mundane (Rackstraw Downes). As one of those American workers, I offer a different perspective: a view looking from the inside out on the unique juxtaposition of machinery, land, water and sky of the Piscataqua River region.”

Matt’s life experiences also include international travel, and his art reflects not only local perspectives but his view of the world, where he is still drawn to the view from inside looking out. Matt notes: “I enjoy painting the places I come across while traveling because painting deepens the experience for me. I’m drawn to scenes that capture some aspect of the reality of the places I visit. Not the grand view of the cathedral across sweeping lawns but the view from the side street, where people walking to work in the commercial districts pass street lights and mundane traffic control signs and the grand edifice is simply part of the whole environment. People and places in the process of preparing for some particular occasion rather than the occasion itself. I look for the places and moments that tend to be overlooked as we hustle from one destination to the next.” Visit the artist’s website at to learn more.

During this exhibition, a portion from every sale supports the York Hospital Caring For All Fund. A price list can be viewed here. For more information about the works of art on view in the York Hospital Dining Room and in this online gallery, or to learn about making a donation to York Hospital, please contact Community Relations at 207-351-2385 or [email protected].

The hospital’s online gallery first opened in April, 2021 as a way to reach beyond 冰球突破 restrictions that prevented visitors from coming in to the Dining Room where a rotating schedule of works by local artists has added color and joy to the atmosphere for years. Read the whole story here. Past online shows may be viewed by scrolling down past the current exhibition.



View Matt Gunn’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.




Prior exhibitions may be viewed by clicking on the images below.


Paintings by Todd Bezold and Michael Walek

January through March, 2023

Artists Michael Walek and Todd Bezold bring together their shared interest in gardening and painting, and the evolving forms of color, texture, light, and atmosphere become the subjects of Michael and Todd’s paintings. Michael’s study of architecture gives him a sound understanding of perspective when he designs and installs formal landscapes. Form and gesture are Todd’s focused elements for constructing his landscape abstractions. Michael + Todd = ArtFourEyes. Visit their website for more information about the artists.

View Todd and Michael’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Landscapes by Rick Fox

April through June 2023

Rick Fox loves to paint. Rick lives in Kittery, Maine, which serves his primary practice of painting in the open air (en plein air). A direct relationship with the world, the complexity of translation and the thrill of color all keep him coming back for more. In 2022 Rick received the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Piscataqua Artist Advancement Grant. In addition to exhibiting throughout the United States and in Europe, Rick has been a full time lecturer in Painting and Drawing at the University of New Hampshire, Durham. He has also mentored graduate students at the Art Institute of Boston and the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Learn more at

View Rick’s online art gallery by clicking the image below. 

Photographs by Nelson Linscott

July through September 2023

Nelson Linscott, Kittery, Maine:  I picked up my first real camera in 1973. It was a film SLR, a Yashica TL Electro-X. I was in the Army and I had access to a darkroom. The first photo I took and processed was of a grist mill in Virginia. I used Kodak Tri-X B&W film. The manager watched as I dipped my first 8 x 10 in the solution and as it came to life, he looked at me and exclaimed, “You took that? You have a great eye!” I didn’t pick up a camera except for home shots for over thirty years. When the WWW became popular and home computers became inexpensive, I bought a little pocket camera and started posting photos. I loved taking photos and when editing was available I was really having fun. A friend from Italy saw my photos and sent me a Nikon D3300 and a lens! I am still using that same camera. My friend has since passed away but I thank him every day. I love what I am doing. I hope you will love it too.

View Nelson’s online art gallery by clicking the image below. 

Watercolors by Bill Paarlberg

October through December 2023

Bill Paarlberg’s earliest memories are of the excitement of making arrangements out of sticks and stones and leaves. Bill grew up in Hampton, New Hampshire and now lives in Kittery Point, Maine. He has worked for many years as a freelance editor, illustrator, and graphic designer. In the 1980s he drew ink and pencil scenes of Portsmouth. He now paints in watercolor and teaches at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine. Bill is motivated by the beauty of the outdoors and nostalgia sparked by old buildings. He has great affection for the Isles of Shoals. Each year he paints for a week on Smuttynose Island, and teaches plein air painting at the Shoals Marine Lab on Appledore Island. Visit 

View Bill’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Works from Eric Ebbeson

January to March, 2022

Eric Ebbeson graduated from Dartmouth College with a degree in Studio Art in 1968. He has exhibited extensively and works in many media, including serigraphs, watercolors, acrylics, pen and ink, calligraphy, and alcohol ink. His work ranges from realistic and figurative to abstract and unusual. He has created a very successful series of prints and notecards combining art and letterforms. He has been an art educator and a book illustrator. Of his artistic process, Eric shares: “Like countless other artists before me, I am influenced by the Natural World around me. Creating art is a meditative experience for me. I am particularly drawn to the ‘edges’ of things-the coast, rivers, mountains, twilight, dusk, dawn.” View Eric’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.


“Maine Seacoast in Watercolors” by Dr. Kenneth Fellows

April  to June, 2022

Dr. Fellows, a member of the hos York Hospital’s Board of Trustees for 20 years, retired from the Board in 2022. This exhibition is a way to honor and thank him for his service to the community. After retiring from academic medicine and moving to Kittery Point almost 25 years ago, Dr. Kenneth Fellows started drawing and painting as a hobby. Fellows says: “Painting is pure pleasure for me and that’s my incentive. I switch from still life to Maine landscapes to portraits to interior scenes to old magazine covers, postcards and dated seed catalogs…whatever captures my attention. Only pond-hockey and pick-up basketball are as much fun as painting, but art is far more enduring and satisfying!” View Ken Fellows’ online art gallery by clicking the image below.

“Watercolors Capturing a Sense of Place” by Stephen Harby

July to September, 2022

Stephen Harby is an architect, educator and watercolorist who has summered in York, Maine for most of his life. He currently maintains his own practice in Santa Monica, California. As a watercolorist he travels and sketches extensively and has exhibited his work widely. Harby’s background in architecture and his passion for watercolor painting influence each other. Of the paintings on view at York Hospital, Harby says:  “The theme for this body of work brings focus to the far flung parts of the world I am fortunate to call home, or feel like I could: York is where I have spent most of the summers all my life; Paris and Rome are places I have spent extended periods of time, thanks to several fellowships, and in the past decade, we have established a rice farm in northern Thailand.” View Stephen Harby’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

“Reduction Woodcuts” by Alex de Constant 

July to September, 2022

Alex de Constant is an artist and printmaker based in North Hampton, New Hampshire. His studio is within walking distance of the granite sand beaches, reefs, and point breaks where he has surfed since his youth. An intimate knowl­edge of this coastline is where his inspiration begins. The rugged natural beauty and energy hold endless opportunities for subject matter. “My pieces explore the interplay of solid forms, the ocean’s ebb and flow, and how the sea organically shapes our coast and our lives.” The Don Gorvett Gallery exhibits Alex’s work in Portsmouth, NH, Ogunquit, ME, and Gloucester, MA. View Alex de Constant’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Cynthia Knowles Watercolors 

April 15 to June 15, 2021

Watercolor artist Cynthia Knowles was a professional pen and ink artist and calligrapher for many years. She began working with watercolors in 2013, while wintering in Florida. There she studied with local artists Jim Beech, Patt Bacon and Nancy Colby as well as world-renowned artist Tony Couch. Cynthia specializes in landscapes and is known for her attention to detail and her ability to evoke the ‘feeling’ of a place. Cynthia is a fulltime resident of York, Maine, and a member of the Charlotte County Visual Arts and the York Art Associations. View Cynthia’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Kevin Molloy Photography

June 15 to August 14, 2021

Photographer Kevin Molloy is a passionate landscape photographer, a juried member of the New Hampshire Art Association and an ambassador for the Shutterbugs for Charity. He has won several local photo contests and has had multiple winning images in AAA’s annual photo contest – with images published in AAA’s magazine “Northern New England Journey.” Most of Kevin’s images are New England landscape photos highlighting nature, many with a water element in them. View Kevin’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

William Harby Paintings

August 15 to October 14, 2021

Artist William Harby (1927–2015) spent many of his most productive artistic years at his family summer home in York. Harby’s careers in art and engineering alternated and overlapped for much of his life. His engineering career led him, in 1965, to the Harvard College Observatory, where he served as program manager for the Orbiting Solar Observatory, a joint project with NASA and the Skylab Program, for two decades. Retiring mid-career, Harby became a full-time artist, traveling around the world to paint and sculpt. This show was curated from six decades of paintings, drawings, sculptures and assemblages in metal, stone and other materials that explore the range of possibility from representation to abstraction..

View William’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.

Caroline Kelley Pastel Paintings

October 15 to December 30, 2021

Of her artistic process, Caroline Kelley says: “I am a pastel painter from seacoast Maine who treasures her memories of this inspiring landscape. Memories of moments that are both imperfect and fleeting. My New England is forests, beaches, marshes and mountains, small towns on ports, or built around rivers straddled by textile mills. Through the changing seasons, I paint spring gardens, cold winters, lake summers, stone walls and fall leaves. Pastel painting allows me to work with vibrant, accurate color in an expressive manner that I hope conveys the pleasure I receive in witnessing all of these.”

View Caroline’s online art gallery by clicking the image below.